Dynamic Shayari App Devlopment in Kodular using Airtable

Dynamic Shayari App Development Series is about developing a High Quality Shayaris App in Kodular by Using Airtable as the free Backend. In this Series you will learn to create a Dynamic Shayari App from Scratch and Will Learn working with JSON and Dynamic Components in Kodular. This is a complete advanced series provided to you on YouTube for free by us, through which you can learn a lot about the kodular android app development.

Features of Dynamic Shayari App: 

  • Popular Shayaris Section
  • Category wise Shayaries
  • Users can Share / Copy or WhatsApp Send the Shayaris.
  • FREE Backend using Airtable
  • Monetize With Any Ad Network Ads Available in Kodular
  • Latest Shayaries on the Top
  • Shayari’s views Counting System
  • Load More Shayaris from Airtable when user scroll to end
  • Refresh Latest Shayaris Page
  • Send Notification with OneSignal

Extensions Used in App With Download Links:

  1. JSONTools Extensions : This Extension to used to handle the JSON response data which we get from the Airtable API.
  1. Dynamic Components : Dynamic Components Extension is used to Dynamically create the CardView and Show the Shayari inside that CardView Dynamically in the Block Section.
  1. Taifun Clipboard : This Extension is used to Copy the Shayari to the clipboard of the user’s device.
  1. Vertical Scroll Handler Extension :  This Extension is used to detect if a user has scrolled to the last shayari or not, and then further load more shayaris if the user has ended up viewing all the available shayaries.

Blocks of App

Home Screen -> ProcessShayariCategoryData Procedure (To Show Available Categories)
Home Screen -> When any CardView Click (To Open Cat_Screen in App)
cat Screen -> ProcessCatShayaries Data Procedure (To Show Category Specific Shayaries)
cat Screen -> When Any Btn Click (To Perform Copy, Whatsapp, Share feature)

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