How To Convert Website to App in kodular

Convert Website to App in kodular

You have a Website and wanna to convert it into an Android App through Kodular so that your users can easily access it from the Android Application? Yes? Then you are at the right place! Here you will learn how you can convert a website to Android App in Kodular using its WebViewer Component. 


Pre-Required things:


  1. Your Website URL 
  2. Active Kodular Creator User Account


Let’s Convert Website to App 


1. Create a Project in Kodular:


First, Login to your kodular Account and Then a New Project in kodualr with any name you are willing to give. ( Website name is recommended)


2. Do Basic Settings


Now, complete the basic setting of your App which may include changing the Screen Title, App Name & Providing a custom package name to your App


3. Getting WebView & Assigning URL


Drag & Drop the WebView Component in your App Screen into your project  which could be found under the views subcategories under the Layout section in Components Pallet.


4. WebView Settings


Set the WebViewer’s both  height & width to fill parent in properties section so that the WebViewer covers the full screen of the user’s mobile device. Further, keep the “Zoom Enable” option in WebViewer’s properties Disabled.


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5. Test The Application


You can Now Test your App before Exporting it by using the Kodular Companion App Offered by the Kodular for Online Android Application Testing for its Users, Available on Google Play Store.


6. Add OneSignal Push Notification (Optional)


You can even add onesignal in your Website to the App So that you can Send push notifications to the Users of your Android Application. This Step is optional but it’s recommended to add a push notification service so that users could be connected to your App.


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7. Export & Enjoy Website to App 


If you are satisfied with the test that you have made through the Companion App Then you can finally Export your App & Save it to your Mobile Device & then Install it. Otherwise, you can make the necessary change which you want and then further export the Application to get your Apk File.

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