How to create Splash Screen in Kodular


Hey guys this is our second tutorial of popular mastery series. Today we are going to talk about Splash screens in an android app and then for that would move on to how important is a Splash screen for your app and why should you have a Splash screen in your Android app.

What is a Splash Screen? 

Splash screen is just like an intro screen which you main see just for a moment while you open app in your Android device. Some of the examples of a Splash screen are given below. 

Why Should you have a Splash Screen in your Android App? 

  1. Splash screen is not just an intro screen but it gives a branding to your Android app which would help use to recognise your App more faster and Splash screen make your apps logo your company’s logo which would be great. 
  2. Splash screen one helps you to to compensate the loading time of your web app ( for further information read the paragraph below. ) 

So a web is a application which is linked with your online database and you get all the details of a user from in your online database and even your App purchase the data from your web server where you can dynamically change all the things of your app and all the things are handled by a server in the backend. Showing this type of file while loading the app for the first time this user may have to wait for some seconds and a Splash screen is the best way to make the user wait with your company’s logo and branding.

How to create a Splash Screen?

So creating a Splash screen is not that much tough, simply you can use an image for an PNG file or JPG file which could be used as your Splash screen in your app and it must be shown for just a moment when a user click on your app to open it.

Splash Screen with Loading Bar 

So creating a Splash screen with loading bar just add a simple few more steps in your work that you have done by creating a simple scratch Splash screen with a image. 

While adding the loading bar you have to do something tricky but not that much with your project in your problem but you don’t have to change anything in your PNG just you have to do is create a background PNG avoid you have to create some more layouts which includes a gif image over and you of the lottery files if you know about then you can use that as a a loading bar in your Splash screen. To know further you must follow the tutorial on YouTube because this thing may not be practical while reading bus but you must know no it it by watching a video tutorial. 

Download Demo Splash Screen Aia File

This was a simple guide about the flash screen where I have covered the topics like what is the Splash screen and how much important a Splash screen is for your new Android app.

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