Login / Sign Up System in Kodular using Airtable

Creating a login signup system using Airtable in Kodular apps seems to be really interesting. so if you also want to develop a login signup system in your App using Airtable instead of firebase authentication then this tutorial is for you where you can easily get to know how you can create a login signup system using a table in your app.

#1: Setting Up Sign up Screen UI ( Designer Part )

The first step in our Login / Signup system is to create a  sign up screen UI. You can create an UI according to your needs or You can create as same as we have created in the image below.  for the full guide how you can create this  UI,  you can check out our video on YouTube.

#2: Creating Airtable APIs To check Already Registered User OR same Device ID

After creating the UI of your sign up screen and before jumping into the blocks action you have to create your API is of their table where you can check if a particular user have already signed up with the same email and even you have to create a separate API where we will confirm that the user is not signing up with duplicate emails or duplicate account from same device ID.

For the purpose of creating an airtable API to filter out the email address or the device ID you can use the airtable API Encoder  which is available freely on Google. You can easily do it by using the “filter by formula” available in that APIencoder to check if a particular email or device ID already exists in your airtable database.

For a full guide of creating these Airtable APIs you have to watch the YouTube video whose link is already there in this article. 

#3: Signup Process ( When User Click on Sign up Button )

When a user clicks on the signup button in your app there are some things which you have to check before getting the users  to be added in your Airtable database.

  1. Checking Empty Boxes

First thing you have to verify is that the user is totally not clicking the sign up button without filling up any of the boxes which you have given in your sign up screen. You can easily and solve this by using the blocks which we have mentioned below.

  1. Match The Passwords

Once you have verified that user have filled up all the necessary textboxes. Now if you have a confirm password textbox in your app as per our example then you have to verify that both the passwords in the textbox match to each other. You can easily check it by using the blocks mentioned below.

  1.  Checking if email already exist and Device ID

After confirming both the steps  mentioned above now it’s time to use the API is which you have generated to check that whether that user has already signed up with the same email and also at the same time you have to check that if the same device is already registered with some other user or same user in your Airtable database.  you can easily check both of these by using the blocks which we have mentioned below.

  1. Finally Sign Up The User ( Add user to Airtable Database)

After verifying all the three steps mentioned above if all of the steps are verified now you can make the user to be signed up successfully and save that users data in your Airtable Database. You can easily make your user to be added up in your airtable database by using the blocks mentioned below.

Congratulations!!!  Finally, you have added the sign up system in your App using the Airtable database. Now you can easily make a user sign up in your App without making duplicate entries in your table database and even without making a user sign up with multiple accounts from the same device. 

You can easily download the file of this project from the download button below. Make sure that you use this file in Kodular only because it is developed using Kodular. So we can’t guarantee if the same here will work in any other App inventor or any same like app builders.

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