M3U8 / HLS Video Player for Kodular , Thunkable, MIT App Inventor 2

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M3u8 video Player will help you to play HLS and m3u8 type of videos in your Kodularor any other MIT app inventor 2 and its distributions like thunkable, niotron, Casagbic etc.



Release Notes:

Version 3.0 – 14/12/2022

  • New m3u8 Player Added

Version 2.1 – 20/08/2020

  • Some Code Bugs Fixed

Version 2.0 – 16/06/2020

  • New Features: Now you can even provide a custom Thumbnail URL in your M3U8 Video Player. ( Blocks Provided in aia  )
  • Bugs Fixed: Some Minor Bugs with the player is fixed.


Version 1.1 – 06/06/2020

  • Improved Player:  Improved the sizing of the player controls. ( The Player Controls appears to se too small before, Now the size issue is fixed. )

Version 1.0  – 05/06/2020

  • First Release:  The All New M3U8 Player which can help you to play m3u8 / hls video files in your App.

6 reviews for M3U8 / HLS Video Player for Kodular , Thunkable, MIT App Inventor 2

  1. adam

    profess.. player exo ind full screen auto player

  2. JA APP TECH (verified owner)


  3. Hello

    Pls paste link here i cannot download my account is activated But Lager IT sais Not activazed

  4. Hello (verified owner)

    Oh ok now Wirkung you Mist login before adding to cart. Also really good WordPress Seite i tried making Shop Site but IT was to difficult. Really good!!!

  5. L. A (verified owner)

    IT was ok

  6. MEHBOOB ALi (verified owner)

    Bro not working youre trik html player not show in kodluar

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