Integrating Paytm Payment Gateway in Kodular Apps


Paytm is very much popular payment gateway among Indian customers  as well as Indian sellers. Paytm payment gateway providers a facility to digitally accept and request money from different people work company. so today we will learn how to implement Paytm as a payment gateway in an android app which will developed through Kodular without using any of the extensions.

Pre- requirements for the integration of Paytm as a gateway in kodular:

  •  Paytm merchant account ( Fully Activated )
  • A simple web hosting ( Could even use free one )

Why Using a Web Hosting in It?

We are Using a web hosting to upload some of the server side scripting which will help us to send a request for the transaction to Paytm. You can get the script from our website only whose link will soon be updated here year so keep checking it again.

Download & Test Demo Apk File : Click Here.

But Paytm Gateway Project Aia & Php script Files: Click here

Let’s Start: 

User Interface / Designing Part: 

So here For the demo purpose we have created a simple basic UI where we have listed 2 products with different pricing and you can see that user interface in the image below. 

Concept / Logics of Blocks: 

 Now, in a block section we will program it like when a user will click on the buy now button then it will send that request to our own website main on the script which we have hosted on our own website or you can say hosting along with some parameters which will include the customer ID, order ID and the transaction amount.  after that a website script will read those values and it will send the transaction request to PayTM along with the data that we have sent and some of the data which we have saved in our script. 

When Transaction is Successful or Unsuccessful ?

So hair due to server side scripting we can figure out   that the transaction has been successful or it has been unsuccessful or cancelled without the risk of any bypass because hair in the server side scripting after the successful payment or an successful payment Paytm is sending the response  back cover server or you can say hosted files from where we can cross check that the transaction is successful or not.

What Will happen if transaction Success?

As you are implementing Paytm as a gateway in your own app so it’s totally dependent on you or your app that for what purpose you are accepting payments from your user.  and here in our demo app we are simply giving a a message to the user that your transaction successful and downloading that image which you have used in our user interface for the purchasing purpose.

What Will happen if transaction is unsuccessful?

So as transaction is unsuccessful we will get out our server side scripting and if its success and unsuccessful transaction then you can give a message that your transaction was unsuccessful or anything you can in your App where as in our demo app we are here simply giving a print message that the transaction was unsuccessful.


Congratulation guys you have successfully implemented a Paytm payment gateway in your App without any risk of bypassing & Without using any of the extension in Kodular. 

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